Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pirate Play with Parents

         sept 10 069
                      We’ve been playing pirates.
               It’s fun when the grown ups play too.
          sept 10 065
                         Then we learn about things;
                                    like a compass.
                      sept 10 063
                    And how to put on a life jacket
             why it’s important to wear one in a boat.
              sept 11 013
         We have help to get dressed in our pirate gear
                             have fun together.
            sept 11 016
                          We learn how to row a boat
            sept 11 017
                          and songs to sing together.

 As an educator looking at this picture, I really like that mom turned her
chair so she could look face to face at her little one.  He is very interested
in what she is saying and doing.  Making it more meaningful.

All the parents in the pictures above are spending quality time with their little
ones, enhancing the play but not dominating it. They followed their child's
 interest and built on it.

This is an important part of StrongStart;
a time for parents, grandparents and others to come and play with their child
without distractions of everyday life.