Friday, September 13, 2013

Story – The Cat, The Rooster and The Young Mouse

I discovered a new-to-me storytelling website. 
Dr. Mike Lockett’s site has a long list of stories, tales, fables and folklore. 
Some are very easy to tell stories and I picked one to tell this week at school.

The Cat, The Rooster and the Young Mouse is an Aesop fable with
the moral ‘Never judge anyone by their looks”.
       sept 13 007
I decided I wanted a visual so found pictures of each of the animals and cut the cat and the rooster into parts, like a puzzle, to place on the board as I told the story. You'll see how I used them in the following video.

 When I first found the site I was thrilled and instantly ordered two of his CDs.  Now to find the time to listen to them.  Hope you can find time to check out his site and learn a story or two.