Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pegkin Project - The Book

    jan 29 004
The children continue to play and enjoy the Pegkins that we made in December.  To put the project altogether I created a book using an on-line site called Blurb.
         jan 29 002
The book is a record of the order that the Pegkins arrived at school and with
                the story that was created for each.
 jan 29 012 jan 29 011
                             The families enjoy finding each Pegkin
         jan 28 050
                              and reading the stories together.
               jan 28 034
The book is creating a connection to each Pegkin and their creators.
It’s encouraging a love of storytelling and reading.
It’s honouring the children’s work.
It’s a matching game.
It's a keepsake that we'll enjoy for a long time.