Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hash brown Muffins

We harvested our last tub of spuds this week and we wondered if there were
                                    any potatoes in it.
We pulled the plants out then dumped the soil on the ground.  As you can see
                in the picture there were lots of roots but no potatoes.
We dug into the soil and found the odd spud but it wasn’t till we got closer
             to what would have been the top of pot did we find the rest.
We sorted them then guessed which size had the most.  There were more big potatoes then the rest.  But the interesting part was that even though it looks
like there are more medium sized than little there were actually less.

We went inside, cleaned the potatoes then made a new recipe,  Hash Brown Muffins.
I bought frozen shredded hash browns but we tried grating our own first.
The recipe is really easy, just hash browns, shredded cheese and beaten eggs. 
Scoop it into a greased pan and bake for about 25 minutes.  You could add
                          garlic and onions but I kept it simple.
                                    They are delicious. 
                          Next we will have mashed potatoes.