Monday, February 3, 2014

A Home for Groundhogs

Today we modified our igloo into a home for groundhogs by throwing a couple
                                    of sheets over the top.
               jan 31 004
                          It’s now a cozy, darker hide-a-way. 
      jan 31 005 jan 31 006
A basket of flashlights were waiting inside for the children to play with light
                                             and shadows.
  jan 31 008 jan 31 009
The shadowy home drew the children in or was it the idea that they could play
                                        with the flashlights?
    jan 31 010 jan 31 011
They experimented shining the light on the jugs, on themselves and on each other.
   jan 31 030 jan 31 038
Shining the light on the fabric above looked like stars in the sky.  One parent shone the flashlight from the outside through the jugs and made it glow.   She also tried it through the fabric but it was too thick and didn’t let the light come through.
   jan 31 040 jan 31 042
Several grown ups squeezed inside to enjoy the exploration with their child.

I wonder what else we can use our milk jug igloo for.   Any ideas?