Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Painted Autumn Jars

This morning our art table went from this
                                                                  to this.

We've painted jars before but on the outside. 
Today it was the reverse and a bit confusing for a few people.
We used pipettes to control how much paint would go in the jars. 
Using the pipettes worked their fine motor muscles as well as learning
how to work the pipette.  It takes a lot of practice to learn when to
squeeze and when to release.
          We chose yellow, orange, black and bronze acrylic paints.
  As we dripped the paint into the jar the colours would begin to mix.
      After adding paint it was important to put the lid on tight.
Because then we turned the jars on their sides and rolled them,
            watching the paint move and make designs.
When they were done we placed them upside down on the window sill. 
The paint thinned out as it slid down the sides making it a bit transparent.
When they are dry we will place little candles in each to see how they look.