Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Night Elf Play

           dec 16 027
You’ve seen our Pegkin tree house and all the peg people that are playing there but I’ve yet to share our night time elf play that is just off to the left side of
                  the tree house in the above picture.
    nov 27 048 (2)
I painted the inside of box green on the bottom and blue on the top.  Then poked
                    mini lights through the top and back.
nov 29 034  dec 10 019
Furnished it with small wooden chairs, backgammon pieces, wooden spools, jewels
                                         and trees.
             dec 18 011
                                And of course the elves.
      dec 18 012
              This weekend I found glass trees and a picket fence.
nov 28 023 dec 4 041
     The children do play with it but not as much as the tree house.
        dec 10 025
                                  It is always busy.