Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gingerbread Creation 2011

Every year we create, make and donate a gingerbread scene to our local Boys & Girls Club for their fundraiser.
The past several years we've created pirate scenes, playgrounds and pop up story books.
This year it was voted that we would make a castle scene.
 Our grade 3 big buddies each drew a picture of what a castle scene may look like.
I gathered all their ideas and came up with one picture.
Then we brainstormed to make sure all the ideas were included.

Today big and little buddies got together to start making the gingerbread people and animals.

We decided that we would need knights, serfs (people), kings, queens,
horses and shields to start.
Tomorrow just the big buddies will make the castle and turret walls.
And of course a dragon.