Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Renovations to the Castle

The children’s interest in our castle is slowly fading but we don't want to take down the castle quite yet.  Instead of clearing it away we’ve decided to renovate.
Some of the children have expressed interest in trains so we decided to change the castle into a ticket station.  We started by cutting off the crenelations along the top and paint the walls red.
I moved a shelf around to block the drawbridge so we needed to cut a new door.  Like any old castle it had an inside wall so now it has two doors.
         A window was added to sell tickets and a sign was painted.
IMG_1440 IMG_1445
                We were almost ready to open for business.
Inside the station we added a small table and chairs under the window.  Cash registers (one is never enough) and an open and closed sign.
      A clock and schedule were created and pockets to hold tickets.
                 Finally we were ready to open for business.
              We’ll be back to share how we made our train.