Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Snail Time

         may 27 017
may 10 090  IMG_7528
Every year we create a snail garden right from scratch.  Planting their food,
grass, lettuce and a few surprises from the compost.
may 15 016 may 16 002
Tending the garden is an important part of learning to care for others. 
Learning what they need and following through. 
may 27 004  may 27 011
Keeping the soil moist and making renovations to the grass when it
gets too long prepared us for the snails arrival.

     may 27 112
Combining art and the caring of the snails helps us look closer
at them. 
       may 27 029
What do they look like?  How can we replicate it?
may 29 042   may 29 044
Using lazy Susan turntables helped us learn about spirals. 
If we used our finger to follow the spiral on the snail's shell
we learn that it goes round and round.
     may 29 045
Holding our paint brush in the middle of the plate and
spinning the turn table helps us get a similar effect.
     may 29 072
And just like the snails each of our art work is unique.