Friday, February 12, 2016

Gifts for our Grandfriends

We are still in flu season so we only see our grand friends once a month.  To try to keep in touch in between we made a little gift to deliver today for Valentine's Day.
 Our gift was a simple table centrepiece.
 We started with glass jars and spread glue all over each.
Next sticking tissue paper over the glue and spreading with another 
layer of glue to seal.
 After drying overnight they were ready for the candles.
 New candles often have a tag to pull out from the battery
and this child enjoyed the task.
 While this child experimented with the light in his shirt.
 At the end of the morning a few families joined me to surprise 
our grand friends by leaving a candle on each table.
And wishing them a Happy Valentines.