Thursday, March 24, 2016

Grandfriends in the Gym

This week our Grand Friends visited us while we were in the gym.
We started with Ring Around the Rosie.
Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of it.
But the seniors got right into it.
I was a little worried that they would actually fall to the floor when we sang 
"all fall down".
One did but I assured the rest that they didn't need to.
 We shared a snack,
some songs,
and stories together.
At the end of the morning one mother told me that her daughter
was unsure about the grand friends.
She was shy and stayed pretty close to mom
until one grand friend showed interest in her doll.
It was lovely to see the little girl share her doll with the grand friend.
She let the grand friend hold it.
After the grand friends left the little girl told her mom that
she liked the senior.
The mom told me that they will try to come to the Grand Friends
home when we start our Wednesday visits again in April.