Monday, June 4, 2012

Spin a Snail

Today at the art table we used 'lazy susans' to make snail spirals.
 Place a snail shaped paper on to the turntable,
 then figure out how to hold the pen and spin the table
at the same time.
 It didn't take but a few tries before doing it all on their own.
That freed up the parents to do their own along side their child.

 Our snail garden is still sitting beside the art table so 
it was easy to invite a snail out to join us.
 Child and snail went about their business.
 Exploring the materials.
Exploring the new environment.
 Making their marks.
Leaving a trail.

It was great to watch individual children approach this activity.
 How they used the materials.
 Taking time to see what each can do.
And how it works.
Before putting it altogether.