Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Discovering an Ocean

During the Canada Day long weekend our daughter, son in-law and grand daughter came home for a visit.
It was the first time we could take Our Little One to the beach. 
Not just a sandy beach but an ocean beach where we find crabs, fish, barnacles and more.
We found little crabs, hiding under rocks, as soon as we got closer to the water's edge.
Then we found the waves and the sandy shore.
These little waves were a challenge for her little legs.
Good thing she had help from mom and dad.
Time to explore the shore.
The sand is so much fun to grab with little fingers and transfer to the bucket.
And fun to splash it all off.
Dad found a little fish as he was combing the edge of the surf.
Opa found our Little One as she was running across the sand.

Back at the Little One's home I created an ocean discovery bin for her.
I started with real and toy shells, fish, snails, crabs and more.
I covered those with strips of blue and green, thin vinyl tablecloth.
I stuck in these little plastic trees, that look a bit like floating seaweed, and more shells, fish and shiny flat pebbles.
Time to explore.
Her favourite was the shiny flat pebbles.
The bin is fun but nothing compared to the real live ocean and tide pools.