Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Painting Jelly Fish

          june 12 001
The graceful jelly fish with long flowing tenacles can be
                 hard to duplicate in art.
    june 12 002
              Today we discovered a way. 

june 12 096 june 12 009
We started with a sponge to create the body of the jellyfish,  then
using an eye dropper we dipped paint and allowed it to run down
the paper.
june 12 097  june 12 006
Using our tabletop pizza box easels made it easier to see the effects quickly.

        june 12 003
The artist of this piece painted the paper with the dark blue
first and then created the jellyfish. 
The orange pops off the dark painted paper.

A few other finished pieces of art.
june 12 066  june 12 072
    june 12 073

And I caught this child sending a photo of her artwork and a note
 to her mom using her caregiver’s phone.
   june 12 143
A clever way to  encourage literacy and strengthen
the bond between child and a working parent.