Monday, March 16, 2015

Making Rainbows with our Grand Friends

This morning was our monthly visit with our Grand Friends.  We waited outside to meet them when they arrived on their bus.   It was very exciting to see the bus.
We took their hands, walked them in and settled at our tables to make rainbows.
Each person had their own bag of Fruit Loops to thread onto their yellow pipe cleaner.  The Grand Friends had their own too but some were very happy to chat with the children about what they were doing.
I was surprised that most children did thread the loops on to the pipe cleaner before eating them.  I had predicted the opposite.
There were a few that disregarded the pipe cleaner and went straight to eating.
We had a smaller group today, fewer grand friends too and I think that gave the children and seniors more quiet to chat and connect.
Earlier in the morning we made Irish Soda Bread Muffins.  Since it was such a small group not many wanted to help bake but this little girl worked right through the recipe and kept track of their baking.  We took them with us to share with our Grand Friends.
We enjoyed a story and sang lots of songs.  As the Grand Friends were leaving two of them expressed how much they had enjoyed themselves.  Next month we will be visiting over at their home.