Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nature Challenge–Seed Socks

We started today’s outdoor adventure with a book by Ruth Brown.
                            10 seeds
Ten little seeds are planted and as they germinate and grow they disappear in different ways.  One by a bird, one by a dog digging, one by a slug are a few of the ways. 
We were going to be another way seeds disappear by wearing a sock over a shoe.
                                    All dressed and off we go.
                We explored every path in our new wooded area.
    IMG_2981 IMG_2985
After a great time in the woods we had a look at the bottom of our socks.
                    They were dirty but are there any seeds?
     IMGP2964 IMGP2967
We gave our socks a spray of water then put them in a plastic bag.
                          Closing the bag with a twist tie. 
They are now hanging in our window.  Do you think anything will grow?  There is moisture, sunshine, a bit of dirt but are there any seeds?  We’ll watch and wait.