Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Newest Thrift Store Find

Look at this simple toy I found at a thrift store.
There was no box or name with this toy.
But it has pictures of frogs on it with point values beside
each raised post.
It has been a hit with every child that has tried it.
Watch the expression on this little ones face as the little frog takes off.
 Giggles galore because the frog jumped way pass the game and onto the floor.
It was a challenge for many to learn the right amount of strength to apply to send
the frog just far enough to land on one of the raised posts.
Do you see the little green and blue blur midway up the picture?
That's the frog.
Some parents had to be quick to catch the little guy before it landed on the floor.
But then that became the new game, to see who could get the frog to go the farthest.

The next series of pictures shows a mother teaching her daughter how to use the game then standing back and allowing her daughter many opportunities to try.
I love finding toys that will stop children in their tracks
to try it out.
Happy thrift store shopping.