Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Whole Oats to Granola

This morning we rolled our own oats.
Starting with whole oats that I picked up at a bulk store
the children put them in the grinder and went to work.
 I like this grinder because the children watch how the whole oats
change to flat oats as they grind.
 Once we had enough oats rolled we made our granola.
I used this recipe from superhealthykids.com
As one child mixed all the dry ingredients another mixed
the sugar and wet ingredients.
Sometimes spills happen when we are stirring such a full bowl
but we work together to sweep it up.
We modified the recipe slightly by substituting pumpkin seeds
for the sunflower seeds, flax seeds instead of sesame seeds
and chopped dried apricots instead of mango.
It is so good and makes a huge batch.
We needed to use two baking sheets so it would 
spread out and not take too long to bake.