Friday, September 9, 2011

Mrs Wishy Washy

I introduce Joy Cowley's, Mrs Wishy Washy by being Mrs Wishy Washy while I tell the story using props.
Then I leave the props and book available for the children to retell the story.
This book comes off the shelf every year and with it we always play with mud on the art table.
The mud is chocolate pudding that was made with water instead of milk.
Along with the 'mud' there are farm animals to jump, roll and paddle through the mud.  And tractors that slip and slide and make wonderful tracks in the mud.
I leave the book out and encourage the parents to read it out loud while the children are playing.
And when the animals or tractors become too muddy they go in the tub for a wash.
"Wishy-washy, wishy-washy"
Look the math that happened.