Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Earth Prints

Out came the paint rollers and glass sheets,
blue and green paint
and a globe.
Such a hard concept to imagine that we live on a big round ball.
What does a child think when you point to a spot on the globe 
and say "This is where we live"?
But I know this is just the beginning of understanding.
 The children love to use the paint rollers.
We looked at the globe and talked about how much is covered with blue water
 and looked at the smaller parts that are green for land.
And after putting the colours and lines where we wanted.
We made our print.
Smoothing the round paper on
then carefully lifting it off
to see our earth.
Our Home.

One of my favourite books to read for Earth Day is "Go To Sleep Gecko" by Margaret Read MacDonald.  It's about a gecko who can't sleep because the fireflies are keeping him awake.  But as you read the story you learn that there is a good reason why.  The story teaches us that in this world we are all connected and there are somethings you just have to put up with.
 I love the illustrations.
It's a great story to the children involved.  They love making gecko's noise and using their hands to imitate fireflies flashing on and off.   And there's always someone that giggles when we read about buffalo pooping in the road (but of course he has a good reason).