Thursday, July 18, 2013

May’s Play Trays

May 14 003 May 14 004
Shaped erasers and a wooden house tray for filling.
 may 16 009 may 16 010
Embroidery hoops made into button and snap frames.
At a thrift store I bought a child’s buttoned shirt and a
baby’s sleeper with snaps then I stretched them with the
hoop.  If I was to make it again I would find a shirt with
much bigger buttons.
  may 17 011 
Clothespins on a string.  Under the string are numbers, 1-6,
and on the clothespins are dots to match.
 may 21 013 may 21 014
 may 22 004 may 21 012
The Very Hungry Caterpillar came to life by using a
large cleaner pipe cleaner, with a red pom pom head
attached, eating it’s way through wooden fruit (napkin
holders purchased at a thrift store).
may 30 003may 27 023
Wind up bugs for racing as well as learning how-to
wind up a toy.
               may 30 002
 may 27 024may 28 026 
Butterfly trays and felt butterflies for sorting.
          may 30 004
 may 28 016 may 28 017
Hair rollers for pulling apart and fitting inside each other.
For talking about size and colours.
 may 30 001 may 28 025
An old wooden game, pony beads and tweezers for matching,
and for pincher grip practice.