Thursday, May 5, 2011

Treasure Sand Box

We have started a pirate dramatic play this week.  
And with that we have transferred all the sand to a box on the floor.
We replaced all the shovels with shells from the beach.
Painted rocks gold, added doubloons and wooden treasure boxes.
 Even a treasure map in a bottle was found.
The treasure has been dug, collected, counted and reburied over and over.
Today the sand was quite dry so we cleared out everything and poured in water.
While mixing the water and sand we began to make a big pile in the centre.  
Imaginations started to work as the children said what they thought it would be.
- pirate's hideout, mountain, castle.
It was christened with a Jolly Roger flag.
Then began decorating with sea shells.

I really like the sand box on the floor.
So many more children can play around it.
All ages can access it.
Even the frogs found their way to it today.