Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marble Mazes

We had the traditional marble maze out this week.
Which is great for challenging the children to build and rebuild 
the pathways for the marbles to follow.
But we also expanded on the marble mazes we did a few weeks ago.
Again, thanks to TeachPreschool for the marble maze idea.
My husband made a bigger one for us to use.
The children loved the challenge.
Many used their fingers to push the marble through the maze.
But others lifted the box to roll the marble.
 They learned how to lift and lower the box from side to side
and end to end to make it roll where they wanted it to.
Another maze challenge we tried was inspired by a post
 Instead of rolling the marble around the obstacles they had
to go through the tubes.
The marbles didn't work as smoothly so we switched to 
plastic golf balls.

It took a lot of patience and  control to help a moving object 
go through a tube then out.
This little boy got the ball to roll into the tube but it wouldn't come out.
It was easier to lift the tube to get it out.