Monday, September 12, 2016

A Morning at the Beach

It's our first Monday back to school and we spent it at the beach.  While planning for our first month at school I was trying to think of what we should focus on.  It's difficult after a vacation to know what the children will be interested in.  Even more so at StrongStart because we don't know what children will be coming, which have moved away or on to preschool.  So I thought I would plan around what they may have experienced, living here on an island, during their summer vacation.
The beach!
Last week at school I set up a table that looked like the beach.
Blue fabric for water, beige felt for the sand.
Rocks and shells for crabs to hide under.
 This morning as soon as the children hit the beach they were turning over rocks 
and shells finding crabs.  Little green crabs that they easily pick up.
No fear for most of the children.
We were lucky to find two hermit crabs too.
The bigger one was being shy when I took this picture.