Thursday, March 26, 2015

Measuring our Spuds

Our potatoes sprouted just over a week ago and we have been hilling them
                                           as they grow.
   This morning I set up an opportunity to measure using unifix cubes.
 IMG_4783 IMG_4784IMG_4786
After adding the last block he spent a bit of time moving the tower back and forth as if he was trying to decide if it was the right height.  We talked about the height, was it too tall or just right?  If only we had a half block.
After deciding he had enough blocks he traced the tower on to the paper then counted how many.  We did pretend that the top block was just a half and recorded it that way.
He measured all three plants that I had labelled and graphed them.  We will measure again tomorrow to see if there is any difference in one day.
   I purposefully chose three different sized plant for measuring.
                       Will the plants catch up in height?