Friday, August 3, 2012

Storytime Follow Up


Sorry I haven’t done a follow up for sometime but summer has gotten in the way.  I’ve been having a very relaxing time camping, cycling and kayaking.

The first storytime for older children at the library had about a dozen children (1 boy and 11 girls) and average age was about 6.  Not what I was expecting.  I thought they would be older and for some reason thought there would be more boys.

I played down the scary parts of the stories; the children were okay with them but the adults were a little scared.

The children really enjoyed the opportunities to illustrate the stories.

There were two methods.

              storytime 008

The first was print making using clear acrylic sheets, black tempera paint and paint rollers.

After rolling on the paint they used qtips to draw their pictures.

                     storytime 004

Then pressed a white sheet of paper on top to lift off their print.

storytime 009 storytime 010

This illustration is of the story “There’s Room for One More”.

The other method of illustrating was using coloured scratch paper.

                          storytime 013

It’s wonderful paper.  I was so happy to find it because I was ready to make my own but that would have taken a lot of time.  As a child did you make this type of paper?  Coloured a sheet of paper with crayons then covered it all with black crayons, ready to scratch.

                storytime 005

She’s drawing the elevator full of people in the story There’s Room for One More.

Here’s a few more illustrations.

           storytime 012