Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

Today was our monthly morning outdoors.  We went to Fairy Lane, our first visit for this school year.  The sun came out which made for a beautiful morning.
We started with a StoryWalk using the book Stella and the Fairy of the Forest by Marie-Louise Gay.  I cut two copies of the book to create the StoryWalk.  Luckily I found several copies at thrift stores.
I set it up zig-zagging down a paved path that runs between the forest.  Fairy Lane runs parallel to the path on the right hand side.
The group started to spread out as they read the book.  Some were faster then others.
At the end of the StoryWalk we turned left into the forest.  I asked everyone to collect big sticks to make a fort for us to sit in for snack.  I also asked them to collect little sticks to make fairy forts later.
               Collecting sticks, a favourite activity, is usually discouraged.
  The parents didn’t realize, at first, that we needed long sticks to make the fort.
The base of the fort was a big branch of a tree that was hanging down to the ground.  We leaned some of the sticks around it then draped fabric over.
The children helped clear away the underbrush so we could spread our sit-upons.
As we were clearing away the leaves we found a piece of bark with teeny
                           mushrooms and two different slugs.
While the children had their snack I read the story The Dark, Dark Night by M. Christina Butler.  I picked this book knowing that the sun would be out and we could play with shadows.
After snack we headed back up to the start of the paved path to decorate little
                           wooden houses to add to Fairy Lane.
I walked the trail after the children and found their little homes tucked in with
                                        the other fairy doors.
                  I also found a twig fort built beside a fairy door.
We had lots of time to check out all the homes that have been added since
                            June when Fairy Lane re-opened.
                           I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.
It was a gorgeous autumn morning spent in the woods, introducing Fairy Lane
                                to many new families.
            One more peek at our forest fort before I take it apart.