Friday, October 18, 2013

Spider Mini-Project

I often hear comments, about my program, that there are so many things happening.  I explain that a challenge for StrongStart facilitators is how to plan for a drop in program?

My centre averages about 30 children a morning which about three fourths are different children everyday.

This makes it a challenge for planning around the interests of the children.  With so many possible interests from so many children, how can I plan an emergent curriculum?

Another challenge may be that the children that are interested in certain activities may not attend at the time the activities are present.

Here's an example:
               oct 9 019
Last week as we were playing with animals that live in trees
one child took a strong interest in a spider in a web in the tree.  I
learned from him that he likes spiders.  His mom told me that he
likes spiders a lot.  The child asked if I had more spiders.  That was
my motivation to plan for this week.

oct 15 004 oct 15 014  
At the beginning of the week the children were greeted with a book
and a message on the carpet.
oct 16 030a  oct 16 016
They were encourage to help build a spider's web using tape.  Each
day more tape threads were added to the web.  They played with the
different sized spiders moving them around and catching bugs.
   oct 15 006 oct 15 015 
Another book, with props, was added and we began to sing
             Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Each day at the art table we created webs too.
oct 15 061 oct 18 002
       We wrapped yarn around styrofoam trays.
        oct 16 036
 oct 17 012 oct 17 013
    We used magnet balls and wands to paint a web.
       oct 17 037
 oct 18 033 oct 18 035
We printed webs by pressing a web design in to a piece of styrofoam
then painting over it before pressing paper on it to lift off a print.

oct 16 019 oct 17 014
       oct 17 033
There was black play dough with pipe cleaners and googly eyes to
              create spiders.

       oct 18 004
There was colour matching of spiders to their same coloured mat.

And we learned another song about spiders “There’s a Spider on the Floor”.
oct 18 026 oct 18 027
I gave each child a spider to use as we sang the song together.

There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor.  There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor.  There’s a spider on the floor, he came in through the door.  There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor.

There’s a spider on my toe, on my toe.  There’s a spider on my toe, on my toe.  There’s a spider on my toe, oh I wish that he would go.  there’s a spider on the go, on the go.

Continue having the spider climb up your body, stopping at different parts to make a rhyme.
These are the majority of spider activities that were available to play with this week.  Some will remain for next week.  And yes the child, who showed the strongest interest, did attend one day this week.
       oct 18 089
Tomorrow I’ll share how we tied up this mini project by searching for webs in the woods.