Monday, April 22, 2019

Starting a New Tub But We Got Distracted

 This week I started to set up our sensory tub.
First I put sticky paper (contact paper) on the wall with the sticky side out.
As I was busy taping the contact to the wall, the paper that was peeled off was left on the floor.
The children started walking and playing on it.
It made a wonderful sticky sound as they walked across it.
Soon the older one was tearing the paper apart.
 Which we scooped up and put in a box.
We pretended it was food to stir.
Later that day, after a nap, they started playing with the paper again.
I crumpled some of it into balls.
 They started picking them up and throwing them around.
What a fun game!
Their imagination didn't stop there.
This little one started to play, it looked like to me, hockey.