Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Scrambling Eggs

I started making scrambled eggs with the little one several weeks ago.
She loves sitting on my lap and doing it together.
This is a wonderful way to teach her how to cook.
As I said we have been making scrambled eggs for a few weeks and pulling the shell apart has been the hardest thing for her.
So one time when we were playing with play dough I shaped some dough like eggs and gave them to her to crack.  We went through a lot of 'eggs' that day.
This morning, after two eggs I moved her over to her chair and started on a fresh bowl, in case there were any shells in that first batch.
We were making extra eggs this morning for her Opa.  Here she is signing for Opa to come and watch.
After the first video I showed her how to hold the fork a bit differently to make it easier to 'whisk'.  Next time we make these I'll have to remember to bring her small whisk, from her play kitchen, to use.
 In this video she is signing egg (she signs it with one finger on each hand, instead of two. Remember she is a baby and still developing that fine motor) and cook.
A great, quick meal and maybe the beginning of loving to cook.