Monday, June 12, 2017

Our Final Buddy Project

Our final get together with our grade 6/7 big buddies was last week
and we designed our own puzzle.
I picked up the puzzle at a thrift store and taped it together on the picture side
so it could be numbered and moved easily from classroom to classroom.
The tape was removed when we were ready to start.
We decided to do the puzzle about the alphabet
so each buddy pair was given one piece with the letter written on the back.
They coloured the piece anyway they wanted.
Then they used a sharpie to print their letter on the piece.
So many pieces!
There are 26 for each letter of the alphabet plus pieces that make up the border.
It was a challenge putting it together since the pictures 
didn't give us clues.
But we worked on it for a bit and got a few pieces together.
Then we had to leave for our big buddies to finish.
It has now been re-taped and is hanging on a bulletin board in the hallway.