Friday, October 19, 2012

Spider Webs Two ways

oct 15 006 oct 15 007
At the easel this week the children found paper, chalk and a spider web with
a note “draw a spider web”,

It’s interesting to watch how some children approach the easel that is set up
with something other than paint.
oct 15 044 oct 15 045
This girl's first statement about drawing the web was, “don’t know how”.
As we pointed out the lines on the web,
 she picked up the chalk and started to draw.
She continued without any other conversation or help needed.
Sometimes just pointing at parts of the item to be drawn will give them a place to begin.

           oct 15 008
At the art table the families found lazy susans, eye droppers, paint and paper.
With a note encouraging them to 'spin a web'.
oct 15 030 oct 15 031
Tape the paper to the lazy susan, fill the eye dropper with paint then while you
squeeze the eye dropper over the paper, spin the lazy susan.
oct 15 024 oct 15 069
After spinning, they could glue little spider sequins on their webs.
Some children could manage doing the two actions (squeezing and spinning)
at the same time, while others needed their grown ups help.

Or they were content just to squeeze.