Monday, September 18, 2017

Sticky Sensory Bin

I started by putting wood pellets in the two tubs.
 Then I added a Pringles can that I had covered with brown paper 
then with contact paper - sticky side out.
 Finally I added acrylic leaves in the side with the Pringle can
 and acrylic acorns in the other tub with a big coffee can
that I had cut a hole in the top.
 It was a mistake putting the sticky can into the tub with all the wood pellets
because they stuck to it and left little room for the leaves.
 It worked better to put the sticky can on the tray between the two tubs
The children's fingers stuck to the can while they tried to stick leaves on.
It was a struggle keeping the can upright sometimes.
 She tried sticking an acorn to the can but it was too round.
The other tub wasn't played with as much.
The children were more curious about sticking leaves to a can
rather than dropping acorns in a can.
It was fun picking everything off to clear space.