Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ship Shape

sept 7 046
Friday, at the art table, I placed a book called Ship Shapes and materials to create.
     sept 7 002
The project not only provided a chance to talk about shapes we see when we look at boats but to practice cutting skills.
                          sept 7 022sept 7 029
It also gave me an opportunity to observe how the children were holding markers, crayons, etc.  
So I can plan future activities to strengthen their hand muscles.
                  sept 7 014sept 7 027
The children’s ages range from birth to 5 years of age
 so I provide many opportunities to challenge the skill levels that each are at throughout the entire room.
sept 7 041
The fun part, for me, is to find activities that they enjoy doing
 and don’t realize that they are learning a specific skill.