Monday, November 21, 2011

Skeletons - Dinosaurs and Ours

This morning was about bones.
Not real bones though.
We had pasta bones to build dinosaurs at the art table.
There were paper bones to build a 'people' skeleton.
And there were bones buried that we had to dig.
When we walked to the forest we saw a large snowball and thought maybe a dinosaur was frozen in it.
Next we spotted a hole in the tree with ice in it.
Maybe dino bones were in there.
But no we didn't find any.
We noticed our big buddies were over by the sand pit.
They called us over and we started to dig there.
It didn't take long before someone unearthed a bone.
We used brushes to carefully move the dirt off.
And it was finally pulled free.
Look at the impression that was left in the sand.
It would have been cool to have used plaster of paris to make our own bone.
Maybe next time.
We went back to digging and it took us quite awhile to find them all.
We had to bring in the big shovel to speed things along.
After laying the bones out, we tried to figure out 
what kind of dinosaur it might be.
In the end we decided to call it "Headlessasaurus"
While the little buddies were digging our big buddies became interested in this little one crawling on the grass.  They were curious about what he was eating and how he moved about.
A spontaneous "Roots of Empathy" lesson.