Monday, April 29, 2013

We’re Going on an Animal Hunt

Today we went on an Animal Safari.  We walked through the same
woods as Fairy Lane but on a new trail.

Before we went I printed photo cards from Sparklebox and added
information about the animal on the back.  I taped a bag with a stamp
of that animal and an ink pad on the back.  Next time I would just carry
one good ink pad instead having one per bag.
IMG_6594 IMG_6596

Early this morning I took my dog for a walk and hung the photos in
the woods.  I settled on eight photo cards.
IMG_6603 IMG_6612

When the families gathered for the walk in the woods I handed out their
Nature Bags.
IMG_6597 IMG_6598
The bag had toilet paper binoculars and a blank book for collecting
stamps of the animals.  This is an easy book to make and I found a
tutorial for you to follow at Teach Beside Me.
Off we went singing “Going on an animal hunt, going to find
lots of them, we’re not scared,
IMG_6600 IMG_6601
           tall trees, green leaves,
                 and look at those flowers.”
IMG_6686 IMG_6663
As we found the animals we talked about what they ate,
where they slept, if they lived by themselves or in a group.
And tried to act or make the sound that animal would make.
IMGP0624 IMG_6714
Then they pulled out their book and had it stamped.
IMGP0639  IMGP0627
We continued through the forest till we found all the animals.
It was a wonderful way to spend a morning exploring the woods.