Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pegkin Project Week #2

This past week we met 8 new Pegkins and introduced a new tree house.
                       6 (1)
Pegkin #6 Addi - she likes the colour pink and to play with Adeline's toys.  We missed meeting her last week because of a snow storm.
Pegkin #8 Softness - she's very soft and dressed in Christmas colours.  She has glittery wings so she can fly.
                     9 (2)
Pegkin #9 Feather Deather - she lives in Featherland.  She has feathers and can fly to the moon. Feather Deather has a dog and likes to play fetch.
Pegkin #10 Jingle Bells - but we call her Jingles for short.  She likes to dance and sing Jingle Bells so we sang the song for her.
Pegkin #11 Jesse - she looks just like her creator. She likes rainbows and Christmas.
     12 12a
Pegkin #12 Delfie – he is wearing his button blanket and cedar hat.  He loves to drum and dance.
Pegkin #13 Ella – is all the way from Mexico. She loves to play soccer and do homework. Her favourite food is pineapple and she loves to drink milk and apple juice best.  She loves the colours pink, purple, blue and anything that sparkles and glitters.
Pegkin #14 Prince George - the King of the Sea. He lives in a house made of seaweed and he keeps a lookout for sharks and humans.  He was created by a child that is now in Kindergarten.  His family likes to collect treasures from the ocean so that is why he is made with sea glass and shells.

Our new tree house.
dec 10 069 dec 10 002
I’ve been inspired by several different ideas on wonderful blogs and have wanted one for my program for years.  My very handy and willing husband helped me create this tree house. 
   dec 8 001 dec 8 005
I finally had the wood needed, thanks to families donating it, and explained to my husband what my vision was and he started building.
             dec 10 025
The families love it.  There is constant activity around both tree houses.  Through exploring and inventing they have been imagining different scenarios with the Pegkins.
            dec 12 031
 dec 12 045 dec 12 047
                           But more on that in another post.