Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our New Little Treasure

I was visiting Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and had a chance
to shop at the Little Treasures cottage.
I was in thrift store heaven.
The picture shows just one corner of the cottage.
Treasure bins waiting to be created.
They had a ‘fill-a-bag’ wall too which held fantastic items that I
quickly scanned once then scanned again before filling a bag.
      nov 13 012
This was my main purchase -
a dowel board that came with a wooden
bowl and
fuzzy hair elastics. 
nov 13 028 nov 13 037
The children were instantly drawn to it.
I enjoyed watching how the different ages played.
The older children were able to stretch the hair elastics to cover two dowels,
while the younger stretched just far enough to slide on one dowel.
                nov 14 020
            Some made a game of it, playing ring toss.
         nov 20 041
Each day I would talk with the children about what they were doing,
take photos and present it on the wall for others to be inspired.
nov 15 056 nov 15 057
Sometimes documenting step by step showing how a shape
was created.
     nov 15 055
I like the size of the board because more than one or two children
can play with it plus their grown ups.
It can be hung on the wall too, they’ve attached hooks on
the long side.
          nov 15 037
     Building shapes wasn’t the only skill being practiced.
                   nov 13 045
                         Colour sorting too.