Saturday, May 28, 2011

Adjusting the Sensory Table

I mentioned earlier this week that the children were walking right past the sensory table this week.  
It could have been that there was a lot of different play invitations elsewhere in the room or they just weren't interested in what I had available.
So each day I would add something new.
I added worms - yay, that encouraged a few more to play.

 Then I added big white beans .
That did it.  
Families are busy at home planting seeds and this reinforced their experiences.  
Dig a hole, drop the seed in, cover and gently pat the soil.
 Discussion continued about what the seed needed to grow.
Water and sunshine.
The children also wondered why the worms were in the garden.
Wouldn't they eat the plants?  A grandmother explained how the worms dig tunnels so the water can flow through the soil to help the plants grow.  I love having so many teachers in the classroom.