Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toy Fighting

Back in our castle the children have been play fighting.  Which is great because that is what knights did in the time of castles.  But on a very busy day it becomes too crowded to play fight safely without involving unaware toddlers.
jan 28 021 jan 28 022
        I inadvertently solved this issue with a trip to a dollar store.
           feb 3 002
     I found a bag of toy knights, just like the toy soldiers my brothers
                                   use to play with.
feb 3 007 feb 4 001
By setting the toys, with a few props, on a small table it allowed the children
     to continue to pretend to fight but in a much different way.
feb 4 002 feb 4 004
                                   It was contained.
                    They created scenes and chose sides.
                         They destroyed and regrouped.
         feb 4 008
              They played alone deep within their own script.

feb 3 015 feb 3 025
These little toys also allowed the younger children to begin to see the fascination of knights and fighting that the older children have been exploring.

So instead of telling the children that they had to stop fighting, I gave them an
            alternative that they enjoyed.  Well worth the $1.49.