Monday, June 6, 2016

Goodbye Chicks

Our chicks went back to the farm today
but we had a great few days
watching them hatch and checking them over.
One of the chicks had a difficult time hatching.
Mrs. Cochrane, our kindergarten teacher, showed us how we could help him.
He had begun to dry out so I sprayed a little water through 
the crack in the shell
and helped peel the shell away.
Once he was able to poke out we moved him back to the incubator
So he could hatch out on his own.
Check out this video (scroll down to June 3)
Love how they are pretending to document the chicks with our
classroom cameras.
More chicks were born 
for a total of 11.

They are incredibly soft and tempting for the little ones to try to grab.
Overall the children were very respectful, cautious and gentle 
with the chicks.
Thank you to Clea for giving us the eggs to learn about
where baby chicks come from.