Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Build a Tree for Snack

Here's an easy and delicious tree to make for snack.
I took step by step photos and made a recipe for the children to 'read'.
The materials are simple; bread stick for the trunk, kiwi slices for the branches, raisins for pinecones, sunflower seeds for seeds and I found snowflake sugar confetti to sprinkle on.

1. Place the breadstick tree trunk on your placemat.

2. Count 6 slices of kiwi and add them to your trunk.

3. Sprinkle on one spoon of snowflakes.

4. Sprinkle on one spoon of raisins.

5. Sprinkle on one spoon of sunflower seeds.

This little guy was allergic to kiwi so we quickly substituted apple slices for his branches.