Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love Bomb

                Have you seen No Time For Flashcards “Love Bomb”

                      When I saw it I knew we would have to try it.
     feb 4 009 feb 4 010
                             We did it as a cooperative art project. 
The children spent half the morning using scissors and hole punches to make the
                        pieces of paper to put in the paper bags. 

 Thankfully a few adults helped out too.

            feb 4 020
I prepped the canvas differently by taping our hearts down first and then letting
                                  the children spread glue all over.
         feb 4 028 feb 4 029
                               Then we started popping the bags.
      feb 4 032 feb 4 043
          Popping and popping.  Almost every child, that wanted to, had a turn.
  feb 4 036 feb 4 038 feb 4 033
Sometimes it was hard to pop the bag but once it was the bits of paper were
                                    sprinkled all over the canvas.  

We put it aside to dry for a bit.

   feb 4 048 feb 4 052
Then  it was time to peel off the green hearts.  We had to find them first, hiding
                                  under all the coloured bits.
       feb 4 073
         This is our Love Bomb, even the green hearts look splendid.
feb 4 086
 I took some time this afternoon to document and post it in the hall way. 
            Maybe to inspire other classes to give it a try.