Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Field Trip to the Mountain

What a day it was to go up to the mountain to look for birds 
and hang our feeders.
 It was snowing and blowing like crazy.
Even by this afternoon it had moved down the mountain to town.
Five families braved the roads this morning and joined me at the Nordic ski area.
We walked through a group of trees, making trails.
A little help was needed to make it through until the snow was packed down.
 It was less windy and a little warmer in the trees.
 We hung the orange slices covered with bird seed.
And the strings of cheerios.
We looked for birds but I think they were smart enough to 
stay hidden away where it was warm.
I hope it doesn't snow too much so the birds will be able
to find these treats.
 The snow was tested to see if it was good snowball making snow.
 But no it was fluffy and great for catching on our tongues.
And our eyelashes, hat and everywhere.
We finally went into the lodge and enjoyed a snack and stories 
by the fire.
I'll post the story I told, "The Evergreens" on the weekend.