Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Push Car Art

This is how we combined cars and markers to make art. nov 13 022 (2)
I saw this idea over at First Palette.
Loved it.
 nov 13 031   
The table was  completely covered with paper.
From our block area I borrowed the push and pull vehicles. 
Left them on the table with markers and masking tape. 
nov 13 021 nov 13 041
The children didn’t even bother to wait to pull out a chair. 
Although this morning I had hesitated about putting chairs around the table.  For this type of activity I prefer for the children to have a full range of motion.  Being able to move around the table allows them to use their whole body.  It looks like they felt the same.
             nov 13 032
nov 13 038 nov 13 039
The marks on the paper showed their movements – some short pushes,
some very long pulls, others zigzagged and some spirals.
      nov 13 020
Then there was the two handed drawing.
nov 13 034  nov 13 033
Or crashing, tipping over, needing a tow truck to help start drawing again.
         nov 13 040
Didn’t even matter if it marked the paper. 
There was interest in how the combination of toy and marker worked together. 
Happy times. 
Art and mechanics together.