Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Airport Play

Spring Break when families may be traveling by plane
 we set up one of our favourite dramatic plays.
Have a look at how it went (and is still going).
Our sign in question for the week "Have you been on an airplane?
Before touring the airport we set up our airplane.
So much fun.
Then we worked on our airport while we had several tours of our local airport.
We arrived just when the planes were arriving.
So we went upstairs so we could watch what happens.
We went downstairs to the ticket counter and checked our luggage.
We watched it disappear on the conveyor belt
then we followed it to see it x-rayed and where the luggage handlers
move it on to the the carts.
Finally back inside the airport we watched it arrive on the carousel.
While we were with the luggage handlers we learned how they marshal the planes
into their parking spots.
Back at school we practiced what we learned.
One last stop at the airport was to the security gate.
Some of the children experienced being scanned with the wand.

Back at school the families played using what they learned.
Checking in,
through security,
and sending their luggage through the x-ray machine.
Then realizing that we needed a luggage cart
and making it using a scooter board and pvc piping.
Becoming a luggage handler and stowing the suitcase safely on the plane.
Ready to take off.