Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wacky Wednesday/Thursday

Today we got a little wacky with Dr. Seuss' Wacky Wednesday book.
It was written by Theo. LeSieg.
Cool that Theodore Geisel (Dr Seuss) wrote his name backwards as author of this book.
 The children were greeted with all their pictures upside down.
It made it much more difficult to find our picture that way.
Even the sign in question was upside down.
Some of us dressed a little wacky.
 The house area was all mixed up.
Some liked it.
Some didn't.
But I found that the toddlers really enjoyed it.
 The art project was not a success today.
 I thought they would love crawling under the table to paint.
But only a few tried it.

Couldn't even entice them to paint with the opposite end of the paint brush.
And finally at the snack table the flowers didn't quite look right.
It was definitely a Wacky Wednesday for a Thursday.