Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Story - The Quarreling Rainbow

Thanks to Alix from our Storytelling group for sharing this short story with me.
The beginning of the video started a bit late so you missed how I introduced the story.
It went like this...
Long ago in a land where fairy tales were made it started to rain and rain and rain....
The story gave us the opportunity to practice the colour signs we've been learning this week.

Rainbows - How Does Yours Look?

Our art table today consisted of six trays of paint and six arches.
We painted rainbows using arches cut from pink insulation foam.
 I love when fun activities teach and inspire.
 I heard this little girl say the colour as she picked up each arch that she wanted.
 She put them all in order till the last one.
 As she sat there and admired her painting
I could see her eyes moving from the green arch at the top
to the bottom of her rainbow.
I waited for her to comment or add something,
but she didn't,
 instead she moved on to gluing on gold pieces
and a pot of gold.
Meanwhile, across the table, her brother was inspired to use the arches in a different way.
 Their mom stood watching.
 She commented on the different approaches her children took to art.
 Both enjoyed their work.
And mom made wonderful, descriptive comments about both.

Here are a few other works of art.
 A 20 month old with encouragement from grandpa,
especially when her fingers got paint on them.
He showed her how to make fingerprints and it
motivated her to keep painting.
 A 3 year olds art.
A 2 year olds art.