Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Like to Drive a Fire Truck

nov 2 003
At the art table we built fire trucks.
nov 2 004
Last week, while I was thrift store shopping, I found
a Melissa & Doug magnetic vehicle. 
It comes apart and you can switch around the parts. 
Well the parts were perfect shapes for creating our fire trucks.
I borrowed the ladder from our castle.
nov 2 010 nov 2 011
The children chose what shapes they wanted to use and
how to piece them together.
nov 2 047
They decided how long their fire truck would be.
nov 2 018
How many wheels would be on their fire truck.
nov 2 017
And how to make it look like it’s driving very fast.

After they finished creating their fire truck, I took a picture of them
wearing a fire helmet.
nov 2 008  nov 6 009
nov 2 021 nov 6 006
nov 2 029 nov 6 001
Then glued their pictures on to their fire truck
(thanks again Linda for a fun idea).
Now their art work is hanging in the hallway
so they can show them off to their older siblings and
other visitors to the school.